"Fishing Boats, Levanto, Italy" by Stephen Pace

About Stephen

Stephen says, "I have always loved being outside. The beauty and inspiration of the natural world always surprises me. As our world becomes ever faster paced, I think we all can benefit from tuning in to the world around us. Photography give me a way to convey that intrinsic, necessary connection to others who might not be able to get to these places in person, but can appreciate them none the less." See more of his work at

About the image

"We arrived in Levanto, at the edge of the Cinque Terre National Park on the Mediterranean coast Italy, late on a May afternoon. The hotel was a block from the beach so we took a walk on it after dinner. As the sun was going down I spotted some fishing boats at the far end of the beach and headed over. The light was fading, and I managed to get a few frames before it was gone. This image captures the soft, lovely light and mood of that evening. It was a magical time to be there on the beach, with the smells of the sea and the warm evening breezes. The image is immediately recognizable as the Italian coast by the shape of the boats and their distinctive blue and white tarps."

edition of 100
printed on 8.5′x 11″ Red River Arctic Polar Satin
image size: 9.5″ x 6.3″

Quantity remaining: 94


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