Bryan Jones and the Metabolomic Eye

Folks, this week at Snappola! we’ve got a real, honest-to-goodness version of Buckaroo Banzai in Bryan Jones. You might know him as a retinal neuroscientist. He’s worked as an embedded photographer on a nuclear submarine. He’s been a sous chef and a racing pit crew team member. I have known Bryan for at least ten years, and still conversations with Bryan usually wind up with me asking “how did you meet him?” and “why do you know that?” He’s a modern renaissance man.

A microscope is a fancy optic that these days is attached to a very expensive camera. Even an ape of a graduate student can be taught the rudiments of image capture on such a microscope. But very infrequently you will find a scientist who not only uses it as a data collection device, but also as a tool in the art of seeing. In today’s Snappola! release, Bryan presents us with a beautiful representation of the eye. It isn’t necessary to understand the scientific implications of the data contained in “Metabolomic Eye” to see the beauty in its form and color. Bryan doesn’t much promote sales of his prints (science kind of gets in the way of a fine art photography career), so this is a unique opportunity to own this amazing image. Only 100 in the limited edition, so snap ‘em up.

Metabolomic Eye by Bryan Jones

Bryan William Jones is a retinal neuro- scientist and photographer whose scientific work involves disorders of retinal degeneration and how those diseases affect the wiring and structure of the retina. Bryan’s photographs have been shown in PBS, The Washington Times, Wired, World Politics Review, Warship International, and Combat Aircraft, and in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich and art installations and performance art, including Waves of Mu. See more of Bryan’s work at:

This image is a series of three 200 nanometer thick sections of a mouse eye through each layer of the retina, illustrating the complex nature of the over 70 types of cells that make up a mammalian eye. Each physical section has been cut with a diamond knife, thinner than the wavelength of light. Each section is probed with an engineered antibody for a single amino acid, in this case taurine, glutamine and glutamate and assigned to red, green and blue color channels respectively, generating the composite computational image.

edition of 100
printed on 8.5′x 11″ Red River Polar Pearl Metallic
image size: 7.75″ x 7″

Quantity remaining: 91


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