Documentary Fiction show at CUAC

Central Utah Art Center (CUAC) in Ephraim Utah presents “Documentary Fiction” with photographic works of six artists.

Exhibition Dates: August 12 – Oct 7

From the announcement: “The artists in Documentary Fiction explore the tension between the perceived objectivity of the photographic image and their capacity to transform and manipulate, creating partial, even fictional, narratives from what appear to be recordings of reality. Drawing on the conventions of the documentary genre–photographs and videos that seem to testify to an actual event–these artists pose a direct challenge to our expectations of fidelity. Exploiting the gap between fact and fiction inherent in the creation of representational images, the works in the exhibition resist the assumption that an image is an accurate depiction of the world as it exists.”

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    • Central Utah Art Center (CUAC) in Ephraim Utah presents "Documentary Fiction" with photographic works of ... - #read more